Sunday, March 13, 2016

*Review* New Barbie Fashionista Doll 23 Love That Lace - Petite ~ ~ A Comparison Review!!

Hey everyone!! I finally finished the review for this lovely lady that I will be naming Daisy.

Here is Daisy in her box, and I love the flowers in the background!!!

On the back of the box is all the new fashionistas that have been or will be released for 2016.

I really like number 26!! :)

Daisy stands 10' inches tall without her boots on. Daisy is not articulated at all which was a little disappointing, but I'm hoping Mattel will do that in the future with this new doll line. 

Close-up of her cute face. ;)

I love this flower necklace that came with her outfit. :D

Daisy's shirt has lace on both of her sleeves and the middle of the shirt which wasn't really necessary. The lace material has a rubbery feel to it so it doesn't really feel like lace.

The skirt is a shiny red metallic material with an elastic band at the waist. The skirt is a wee bit short to my liking. :} 

Daisy's boots are really cute, they have slits in the back so you can take them off. :)

Daisy has flat feet and she can fit any of Barbie's flat shoes. ;)

Since Daisy is shorter than an original Barbie she can fit a lot of Barbie's clothes that are to short on other dolls. So if a dress is too short on Barbie you can most likely put her in it and she will look modest in the dress that is too short on Barbie.

She can even fit in Skipper's clothes, I really like this outfit on her!! ;D

Daisy in a Sparkle Girls dress.

Now on to height comparisons!! Here is Daisy with a tall Barbie Fashionista doll.

Daisy with Curvy Barbie Fashionista Doll 22 Chambray Chic.

Daisy and Barbie Fashionista doll Powder Pink #14.

Daisy and a Barbie Style Flats to Heels doll.

Daisy with a Liv doll.

Daisy with Disney Descendants Mal doll.

I was surprised to see that Rosabella Beauty is almost the same height!!

I was very surprised that Madeline Hatter is a little shorter than Daisy!! :O

Barbie's sister Skipper is almost the same height as Daisy!!

Stacie is shorter than Daisy.

Last but not least is American Girl mini Maryellen next to Daisy.

Thanks for reading I hope you all enjoyed this review!!! ;) Let me know down below in the comments if you have any questions or comments about this doll. I would love to hear what you all think.