Sunday, April 3, 2016

*Review* New Barbie Fashionista Doll 22 Chambray Chic - Curvy ~ ~ A Comparison Review!!

Hi everyone!! Today I am going to review this gorgeous girl who I'm naming Catrina. I hope you enjoy this review!! ;D   *Warning* This post contains photos of unclothed dolls so if you don't like seeing unclothed dolls this might not be the post for you. Just warning if you get offended by nude dolls.

Catrina in her box.

On the back of the box is all the new fashionistas that have been or will be released for 2016.

Here is Catrina out of her box.

Closeup of Catrina's face.

Her hair is nice and surprisingly doesn't have that much gel as much as other dolls have had in the past. ;)  

Catrina's outfit is cute, but kind of cheap. :( Her dress is made out of thin material and it easily snags to the velcro in the back. So you have to be gentle when taking off her dress.

The top of her outfit has printed buttons, pockets, and Jean detailing. She also comes with a really awesome hot pink belt which adds a little pop of color to her outfit. ;)

Catrina's belt has 3 holes and a peg to fit in one of the holes to fit around your doll's waist. On Catrina's waist it fits on the first hole.

Teresa borrowed Catrina's belt for a quick photo. ;) What I love about her belt is that it can fit on other dolls. :D On Teresa the belt closes on the third hole.

Now we take a look at Catrina's shoes. On the left is Catrina's shoes and the right is Teresa's shoes. I wanted to show you that the Curvy Barbie has bigger feet than an original Barbie.
Original Barbie shoe on the Left Curvy Barbie shoe on the right. They are both the same shoe style, but different sizes. Basically the Curvy Barbie dolls can't fit in any of the original Barbie's shoes because her feet are a little bigger than an original Barbie. :(

Here is Catrina with her clothes off. Unfortunately Catrina is not articulated, I'm hoping Mattel will make these dolls articulated in the future. ;)
Catrina compared to Made to Move Teresa.
Side view.
Catrina compared with Disney Descendants Mal doll.
Side view.
Catrina compared to a Liv doll.
Side view.
Catrina and Ever After High Apple White doll.
Side view. Poor Apple looks like she needs to eat a little more.

OK no more photos of dolls unclothed. ;) Now lets see what Catrina can wear since she has a bigger waist than original Barbie. The red dress above is from Barbie. It's a brand new outfit and, I was very surprised that it fit Catrina. The dress is a little snug but it fits.

This Sparkle Girlz dress fits perfectly on Catrina.
This is a vintage Barbie dress from Barbie's best friend Midge.

This dress is from a style Barbie.

Some of Barbie's clothes fit on Catrina, but most of the dresses will not close all the way.

Catrina fits perfectly in this super cute Barbie shirt. Unfortunately I couldn't find any pants or skirts that could fit her. :( 
I'm really glad that Mattel is branching out and trying different body types for Barbie. :D  Not everyone looks the same. Some people are petite, tall, and have different colored skin.     

It is important for every girl or anybody to know that God made you unique!! God made all of us different and he loves each and every one of us just the way we are! ;D

Thanks for reading I hope you all enjoyed this review!!! Let me know down below in the comment section if you have any questions or comments. I would love to hear what you all think.