Thursday, February 16, 2017

Felicity Merriman American Girl Doll Released Febuary 16th 2017 at the American Girl Place Los Angeles

Felicity was released from the archives at the American Girl Place Los Angeles today. She is pictured here in her Beforever section upstairs in a case with her under garments.
 Felicity looks very sweet in her new yellow and blue meet outfit. Her green eyes are a bit more natural looking this time around which is a pleasant feature. She still has three adorable pin curls on either side of her face which you can not see in this picture, sorry about that.

Her dress is simply gorgeous and beautifully made of course. Here is a close up of her necklace and bodice of her dress. What makes me sad is that she did not come with any other dresses.😭 Personally I just love Felicity's time period and all her lovely outfits. Hopefully American Girl has plans to make more dresses for her that can be enjoyed and admired.😉
Felicity's shoes are black with a gold tone buckle on top. Under her dress she has nothing except her white knee high socks. It would really be great if American Girl made her father's store!😊Now that would be a wonderful historical piece and something I believe many collectors and children would enjoy. Not only could your child have creative fun but also learn maybe to enjoy math with play. 😉 We are looking forward to seeing Felicity's collection add some more new fresh pieces. We will be posting the rest of our pictures up later. Thanks for reading.