Friday, March 18, 2016

Our Generation Rescue Dolls

I'm sure as soon as you saw this picture you probably thought what did you do to that poor doll!!! :( I didn't do a thing, except fix her up and give her a new home. ;) I found this Our Generation doll at a thrift store for a reasonable price.

Ahhhhh!! :O

  • Ask an adult for help while doing this process :)
  • Wash hair with gentle shampoo and rinse out
  • Put conditioner in the doll's hair and leave in for 30 minutes
  • Dunk in hot water then rinse several times in hot water
  • Get a wire brush, take small sections of hair and carefully brush out the tangles
  • To curl doll's hair
  • Take one section of the doll's hair at a time
  • Twist one whole piece of hair around a pencil
  • Gently slide the hair off the pencil and stick a bobby pin through the middle.
  • Do the rest of the hair in bobby pins and let hair sit for two days.
  • Slide out all of the bobby pins and you have beautiful curls!! :D 

Here she is all fixed and dolled up. ;) I am going to name her Susan after one of the characters from the Chronicles of Narnia series. All you Narnia fans know who I'm talking about... By the way I totally recommend the Narnia book and movie series!! I love Narnia!! :D

Susan's gorgeous hair!!

Now to the second doll, that I named Holly.

Holly's hair doesn't look as bad as Susan's hair, but she had tons of knots in her hair. :(

Holly after her transformation!!! :D

Here is Holly's hair all fixed. Holly's hair is not as wavy as Susan's.

Looks like Buttercup found a new friend. :)

Holly looks so cute!!
Cute kitty!! :)
Let me know down below in the comments if you have any questions or comments about these two dolls. I would love to hear what you all think. Thanks for reading!!! :)