Saturday, March 19, 2016

Barbie Head Swap

As you can see #14 Powder Pink can not move and has her right elbow permanently bent in that pose. Our local toy store had the Barbie Style Dolls on sale. We bought some to do some plastic surgery on our dolls (switch doll heads). The Toy Doctor is in and we want to help you. :)
Our made to move Teresa Barbie is great but her face does not have eyelashes like the Teresa Barbie Style doll so let's switch the heads!
This is our new Teresa after switching the heads. "I can even play the violin better now. "
#14 Powder Pink after the head surgery. " I love to just go and smell the flowers."
"Hello, let me play my violin for all of you."
Bonus pictures!! ;D

I love this picture!! Let us know in the comments which picture was your favorite!! :)

I can actually hold this beautiful rose. Go smell the roses today. God made all these beautiful plants for us to enjoy and see His wonderful creation.
"Here I am popping up in the daisy patch. Is this Daisy just not beautiful? God made every one of these unique."
"I have such a headache. Oh wait I can touch my head now. :) Thank you Doctor."