Sunday, February 21, 2016

*Review* Ever After High Birthday Ball Rosabella Beauty Doll

Hey everybody, today I have an adorable doll to review for all of you!! ;D

Here is Birthday Ball Rosabella Beauty inside her pretty box.

This Rosabella doll is supposed to smell like sugar cookies.   Cedar Wood is the other doll in this line and is supposed to smell like an orange pastry. I could smell the scent of sweet sugar cookies as soon as I took her off the store shelf and out of the box!!!  I left Rosabella out of her box for a while and the whole room smelled  just like sugar cookies!!

Rosabella's artwork on her box is so cute!!

Back of the box.

Who wouldn't want a dress that smells sugary sweet?!

Love the artwork again!!

Rosabella finally removed from all of the packaging. Love the background scene with party gifts, balloons, and treats.

A full look at Rosabella with brush and a basic Ever After High stand included. Let us start the review from head to toe.

Pink plastic headband is decorated with adorable flowers. The little golden decorations I think are little cookies with cute bows. I'm not quite sure what they are but since the doll is themed after sweets that is my guess. 

Rosabella's hair is flat and a little messy when taken out of her box.  Her hair doesn't look quite like the artwork on her box.  Rosabella's hair is a nice light yellow color with yellow metallic threads in it. The doll's hair mostly smells like sugar cookies at the top but the wonderful smell goes throughout the hair. ;)

Here is Rosabella wearing her gorgeous glasses which we will get to in a second...

Here is a close up look at Rosabella's face. She has yellow eye shadow, light pink lips, and a little blush on her cheeks. A side note, Rosabella doesn't have bangs like in her artwork picture or her first chapter doll. This is very odd and I think the bangs would have added a cute touch. :(

The base of Rosabella's glasses are white and her glasses have gold roses on each side.

A full view of Rosabella's sweet dress and cupcake purse!! ;)

Rosabella's plastic necklace has three little charms and each charm has a dash of pink in the middle.

The bodice of the dress, like the rest of the dress is a pastel yellow color with three adorable bows in the middle.  Rosabella's sleeves have a nice puff to them and are a nice sparkly yellow tulle. 

The skirt is decorated with light pink roses and leaves with pink lace around the bottom of her dress.

Rosabella's shoes.

Love the bows on the back of Rosabella's shoes!!!
Last but not least is Rosabella's giant cupcake purse!! :D I love this little purse.

This sweet purse actually opens!! Love how the top of the purse is decorated with pink roses all the way around.

I give Birthday Ball Rosabella Beauty 4 out of 5 which I will explain in a second.
     Cute features: (What I liked about the doll)  I love Rosabella's accessories, and her unique white glasses. I'm glad they did a different design on her glasses!! I found out that the sweet sugar cookie smell in her hair does not fade out because I left this doll out of her box for several weeks before I reviewed her. So the sweet smell will probably stay in for quite a while!! ;) 

Dislikes: I gave this doll 4 out of 5 because I would have liked her to have had bangs like her artwork. Other than that I really do enjoy this doll very much and I think she is really cute!! ;)

Other suggestions: If you don't like this doll you can get the First Chapter Rosabella Beauty doll. This Birthday Ball Rosabella doll  is the only other Rosabella Beauty doll besides the First Chapter doll. So you only have two options, but there will be another Rosabella doll that will be coming out soon... ;)

Thanks for reading I hope you all enjoyed this review!!! Let me know down below in the comments if you have any questions or comments about this doll. I would love to hear what you all think.