Monday, February 22, 2016

* Sneak Peek* First Look at American Girl's 1960's Doll Melody!!

Earlier this morning on CBS was the first sneak peek for American Girl's 1960's doll Melody!! I did find some really good photos taken by CBS!! Here is the LINK to the video for Melody's debut. If you would like to read the article for Melody's debut here is the LINK to the article. P.S. There is a quick commercial before the video so you have to be patient. ;)

Cute table and doll sized fan!! ;)
Melody's Bed and her dog.

Different doll prototypes for Melody.    

Melody's artwork for her book!! :) I did see this adorable pink dress on a Melody doll click the link to check it out!!! So what do all of you think of Melody? I'm going to save my opinion until I see the doll personally. :)