Monday, November 30, 2015

*In Store Report* Christmas Decorations - AGP LA at the Grove

You see a beautifully decorated Christmas tree when you walk in the door. 

Presents underneath the Christmas tree.
The entry way of the Beforever section is lovely decorated with lit Christmas trees above each historical doll area.

AG has an adorable Christmas tree decorated with minis and their books!!

Each mini is beautifully wrapped!!

Hanging around waiting for Christmas!!

Mini Kaya looking cute!!
Kaya's Pow- Wow Dress of Today is on the special package deal.
Since Kaya didn't have PJ's her Pow-Wow Dress of today is considered the PJ's and is part of the special  package deal which is 20% off also. Can you say AWESOME? Are we cute or what? Please see our website for the break down of this deal.

Samantha's gazebo is decorated for the Christmas season!! :)

A huge gorgeous wreath hanging in the window.


Maryellen's diner



AG has a Christmas tree in the cafe lobby.

Love the stars!!

 Christmas decorations are even in the Truly Me section.

Truly Me stuff is in nice Christmas boxes.

Truly Me Christmas scene.

The American Girl store in LA has a Truly Me signature Studio that is new. There are only three Truly Me signature Studios in the Untied States and this is the third one. You can design your own doll clothes, or your own backpack. 

Doll outfits are $32.00 Backpacks are $45.00

You design your outfit on a tablet then they make the outfit for you, in about two hours.

Here are some examples of what you can create.

You can even create a Christmas dress!!

Even Birthday outfits!!

Different designs and ideas you can create.

A closer look at the different designs and ideas you can create.

Elizabeth is wearing a shirt that we designed with, "Am I Cute or What."

Love the heart!!

Lanie is wearing a shirt that we designed with, "Am I Cute or What."

You can even add a picture of little Bon Bon!!

Bitty Babies ready for Christmas!!
Grace is sticking around until December 31st!!!

Last, but not least the display window in the front of the store. Merry Christmas everyone!!