Wednesday, August 31, 2016

*Review* American Girl Truly Me Gourmet Kitchen Set

 Here is my review on the brand new American Girl Truly Me Gourmet Kitchen Set!! Yay!! 😃😃 I really hope you all enjoy this review!! Please leave us a comment telling us what you think about this new AG Kitchen! I love hearing other people's opinions!! Sorry if this review got super long but this kitchen is super big so the review took longer than I thought! 😂😉

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Doll Shoe Organization

"Oh no what a mess! Rapunzel do you need some help?"- Kaya.  Rapunzel-"Well Chewy is trying to help me but he keeps on nibbling Kit's shoe which isn't much help, ugh."

"Rapunzel, let's start gathering up all shoe and put them in pairs. We will have a race and see who can do this the fastest?"-Kaya  Rapunzel agreed with Kaya by shaking her head. "Kaya that sounds fun. How about you Chewy? Can you stop chewing Kit's shoe and help?" Chewy agreed and the three began to clean.

I wish the dolls would clean up after themselves but alas us humans must maintain order in the doll world. We are going to share with you a few ways we have tried and a new way that we think is a better way to organize your doll shoes. This is how we used to put away our shoes in a box but we out grew the box.

Then we tried a large under the bed tub didn't work that well because we out grew that also. Both of these two methods can work if you don't have that many doll shoes thou.

This is our newest method to stay organized and have shoes ready to go. 1. First get a tray like this one which can fit up to 12 pairs of sandals, 13 pairs of flats, or 15/16 pairs of boots.We found these trays at the dollar tree for a dollar.  We bought ten of them not knowing what to use them for at the time. Depending on how many shoes you have will depend on how many you buy.

2. Get cutting mats. You can get them at the dollar tree or the 99 store. There are two in each package. You will need these to separate your trays of shoes so they can stack on each other.
3. Separate your shoes the way you look for them. You can seperate by colors, types, or doll. We choose to seperate by types as you can see these are all sandals.

4. In order to conserve space we put our boots inside one another. You don't have to do this but you will be able to fit more boots in there if you do.

5. Put your roller skates and ice skates in a higher tray if you like because these guys take up alot of tray area.

6. Place your tray with shoes in it and then place your cutting board on top then repeat. Depending  on your shelving will depend on how high you can stack them. Put the boots on top because they stick out quite a bit.

7. This is the end result and all we need are the labels. We spent a total of $15 dollars for this redo. Try this or tell us what you have done to organize. We would love to hear it.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

*In Store Report* American Girl Place The Grove Los Angeles Melody's Launch

Hi everyone! We went to the American Girl Place in LA for Melody's debut and I wanted all of you to look at all the new cute stuff with me! Let's get started! Isn't Melody's display window so adorable?!

The records in the window display are actually spinning!

I love Melody's Travel Esstenials!

Melody's Fancy Floral dress is so pretty!

Piano actually plays!

Melody's microphone makes sounds also.

Melody has too much cute stuff!!!

Melody's Fancy Coat.

Melody's Christmas Outfit.

Starry Pajamas for girls.

Melody's Beforever display is absolutely adorable!!

Love the little seedlings!

Really pretty Melody outfit for girls.

You couldn't touch any of the buttons on Melody's Recording Studio because it was in the glass case. That was kind of a bummer. :(

Beforever themed outfits for girls.

Poor Addy she only has one little section to herself. :(

Julie's New Year's Eve Outfit.

Josefina's Navidad outfit.

I'm so glad Josefina finally got new outfits!

Maryellen's Refrigerator and Food Set is the cutest fridge ever!

I really like how the new Truly Me Salon backdrop has pictures of other dolls in the background getting their hair done.

The new Truly Me doll #66 is so pretty. Number #66 does kind of look like Josefina don't you think? ;)

The new Truly Me doll #65 looks a little bit like Emily.

The Merry Magenta dress is absolutely gorgeous!

Here is the Golden Sparkle Outfit.

This Waffle Breakfast Set is a need! ;D

The new Truly Me kitchen is so adorable!

I hope you all enjoyed this In Store Report!