Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Great Doll Blog Award!

I got nominated for the Great Doll Blog Award by Bella from A Doll's Life a while ago and I completely forgot about it! Thanks so much Bella you were so sweet to do that!

        Award Rules:
  •  Thank the person that nominated you.
  • Answer the questions given to you.
  • Nominate at least 5 others who you think has a great doll blog.
  • Notify them that they have an award.
  • Leave them at least 5 questions to answer.
        Bella's Questions:
  • Q. What inspired you to start a doll blog?
  • A. My Mom and I both have a love for dolls and we wanted to glorify God through this website. My Mom and I also wanted to do this blog together as a fun Mom and daughter project.
  • Q. What is your favorite doll? AG or other
  • A. That is such a tough question! I have a lot of favorite dolls! Well, I guess I would have to say Caroline I just love her curls! ;)
  • Q. How many dolls do you have?
  • A. God has blessed me with the amount of dolls that I own, and I am very grateful!
  • Q. What is your favorite thing about blogging?
  • A. Taking photos of my dolls, and I love writing photo stories but they are very time consuming. :(  I also love to answer all of your very sweet comments!
  • Q. What are some of your favorite doll bloggers?
  • A. Treasured Friendships With A Flair, In A World of My Own, Wack-A-Doodle-Dolls, Living A Doll's Life, Delightful World of Dolls, The by Kids For Kids blog, American Girl FanA Doll's Life, Never Grow Up, Spreading My Joy, and All 4 Barbie. Now that's just naming a few. ;D
  • Q. Have you every been to an AG store? 
  • A. Yes!
      Now we are nominating...
 There are a lot of great doll blogs out there but we could only pick a few. 
Now Here are our questions for you:
  • 1. What was your very first doll? AG or other.
  • 2. If you had to name one of your dolls after a character from a movie or book who would it be and why?
  • 3. Who is your favorite Girl of The Year doll?
  • 4. What is your favorite Historical AG outfit?
  • 5. What is your favorite thing about having a doll blog?

Thank you again Bella for nominating me for this blogger award I had a lot of fun answering all of your questions! 
Thanks for reading and have a blessed day! 
If you would like you can also answer the questions I asked above, and write your answers down below in the comment section. I would love to hear your answers! ;D