Monday, February 1, 2016

Review: Disney Mini Animator Tinkerbell | Disney Picture Review

This is part of what comes with the Tinkerbell set.
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Tinkerbell is so cute holding this flower, awww. I love the flower umbrella that she is holding but the flower is a little too heavy for Tinkerbell to hold without tipping over.

A sweet little rose petal cup for Tinkerbell.

A rosebud teapot without an open spout or removable top. This is still adorable.
Mushroom stool for Tinkerbell to sit on or use as a table.

Firefly on the Glittered purple flower.
The firefly is big enough to fit cutely in Tinkerbell's cup.
Tic-Tock with huge eyes and beautifully covered in glitter. His mouth opens and closes with a button in the back.

This is Tick-Tock with his mouth open holding his clock.

Brush and Clock on spool of thread table.
Spool of thread can be used as a table and it also holds up the flower umbrella nicely. The table top is a button with two holes  that you can fit the flower either one.