Wednesday, February 3, 2016

How to Restyle Curly/Kinky Doll Hair

This is Mercy one of our sweet Our Generation dolls. She is a Kaylee doll from the Our Generation line at Target. I re-curled her hair by finger curling a couple pieces of hair together. You can see what she originally looked like before by looking down below.

Mercy as she originally looked before the re-curl. I loved her original hair style but she is even more beautiful now.
This started as an experiment to see if this would work and what her hair would look like. We were a little worried as we had never seen this done before but I think it turned out rather nicely. What do you think?
 Deborah is one of our little cuties from the My Life line from Walmart. Her hair was done the same way by finger curling a couple pieces of hair together. 

This is the back side of  Deborah's curls. Finger curling is not hard it is just time consuming so you can do it too. If your are interested and want more instruction on this please let us know and comment below :)