Saturday, February 13, 2016

Disney Sale February 11-15 2016 + Disney In Store Report

Photo credit: Disney
Disney is having an awesome sale 25% off your entire purchase in-store or online!!! This is our first in store report from the Disney store so let us know down below in the comments if you liked it!! :)

The Zootopia section in the store.

I love these cups they are so cute!!

This purse is super adorable!!

The Zootopia notebook is super cute!! Plus this notebook has a lot of paper inside, and some cute animal bookmarks. :D

The new Zootopia Tsum Tsums, some of them are super adorable!!!

Photo credit: Disney
I know you didn't see her above, but she was the only one left!! I brought home little Judy Hopps, she is so cute!!! I love her little heart nose!! :D
Who doesn't love Tsum Tsums?

Winne The Pooh and his Tsum Tsums friends.

These Tsum Tsums are pretty big!!

Love these cute little Tsum Tsum zipper pouches!!

Tsum Tsum cups

Saw some pretty cute and cool cups.

These cups are my favorite they are so cute!!!

Disney Animators, the new Lilo Animator doll was all gone... :(

This cute Snow White doll is not a Disney Animator, but she is a Disney toddler doll. This was the last one... :(

Love this new Frozen Fever light up suitcase very pretty designs and colors!!

Frozen Fever doll twin pack with Elsa and Anna.

Still have some Descendants dolls if you didn't get them yet.

Cute Frozen Fever stuff!!

Some pretty awesome Star Wars The Force Awakens stuff!!

OK who doesn't love BB-8? He is so cute!!

Cool BB-8 suitcase

Lots of BB-8 and other Star Wars stuff!!

Cool Star Wars notebooks.

Love the Star Wars Force Awakens long sleeve T shirt with Rey and BB-8 and the Star Wars sweat shirt!!