Saturday, January 30, 2016

*Review* Lizzie Hearts Book Party Doll

Here is Lizzie Hearts in the box

Love her artwork!!!

The back of the box showing all the Ever After High Book Party dolls that you can get.

Here is Lizzie out of the box, she does not come with a stand.

Closeup of her face

Lizzie has only one streak of red hair and the rest of her hair is black. 

Back view of Lizzie's hair

The headband is glittery red, with little hearts, and card shapes on the side.

Here is Lizzie's dress it is very tight and short. The dress itself has cards on the background and the top part of her dress is a shiny red material.

Lizzie came with a necklace designed with books, so cute!!

The best part is the shoes!!!!! I love these shoes so much!! :D The shoes are red and there's two little books at the top.

Lizzie's purse has her name on it. The purse is decorated with diamonds and hearts.

Back of the purse
Here is how I like Lizzie. In a modest outfit, but still using her original dress. Please let us know what you think in the comments about this EAH Lizzie Hearts doll. Thanks for reading and remember Jesus loves you!! ;)