Saturday, January 2, 2016

*Doll Rescue* 2005 Girl of the Year Marisol

Here is Marisol, right now she is a little messy. Since she is retired you can only get Marisol on Ebay.

Marisol has a huge mark on her foot from her previous owner, but not to worry we can fix her up. ;)

I found a tutorial video on YouTube on how to get rid of marks on your doll. What you basically do is get some Oxy spot treatment cream from the store. The Oxy spot treatment has to contain Benzoyl peroxide. You can get the Oxy cream at Walmart and other stores. 

What I did was put the Oxy cream on the mark on Marisol's foot, wrapped her foot in plastic wrap to, then I put her outside in the sunshine. The sun basically bleaches the mark with the cream on the doll's foot. Don't worry your doll's foot will be just fine. Make sure you wrap your doll in a towel or blanket and periodically check your doll.   

Marisol's foot after the treatment. You can still see a faint mark on her foot, but most of it is gone.Marisol had to sit outside for a couple of days, sometimes it takes time for the mark to come off so you have to be patient. Please ask a parent's permission before trying this. :)

The next thing I did was get Marisol dressed and set her hair in bobby pins to curl Marisol's hair.

Ta Da!!! Marisol looks beautiful!! :D

Her gorgeous curls!! :D

Rebecca walked over to Marisol and said "Welcome to our doll family, Marisol." "Thank you Rebecca," Marisol replied.

Rebecca walked closer to Marisol and gave her a big hug. Marisol felt very loved and she couldn't wait to be Rebecca's friend. Marisol also couldn't wait to meet the other dolls!! ;)