Sunday, December 13, 2015

Meet Melody Truly Me #56

Melody playing the violin by the fireplace. :)

It's time to welcome Truly Me #56, Melody, to the Daisy Chain... ( Our Doll family). Out of the box she comes with a case full of crafts, quizzes, and activities for you to enjoy!!

Take a look at her adorable face!!

I adore her dress!! :D

Star stitching details

More details on Melody's dress

These shoes are so cute!!

There is plenty of fun stuff to do. We will be featuring one of these activities periodically on our blog. 


The first activity is a quiz!! Let's take this quiz to find out what type of artist you are.  


I mostly got C's so I am a photographer!! Let me know what type of artist you are in the comments!!! :)