Wednesday, December 30, 2015

*Christmas Special* 12 Days of Pets - Baby Racoon and Baby Deer

Kristoff was taking a nice long walk in the snow.

Then Kristoff came upon a little fawn with a hurt leg laying in the snow.

Kristoff picked up the hurt baby deer and decided to help the fawn find a nice warm place to rest.

As Kristoff was walking along in the cold forest it started to grow dark and, Kristoff came upon a beautiful glowing nativity scene.

Kristoff put the baby deer down very gently next to the glowing nativity scene and, she looked at the beauty of the nativity sparkling in the snow.

There was a baby racoon laying under the pine tree watching the nativity's glowing beauty during the night.

The two baby animals sat down on Kristoff's lap to enjoy the glowing grace of the nativity and, the true meaning of Christmas which is Jesus Christ being born on earth to save us from our sins.
The End
The baby racoon featured in this short photo story is actually a Christmas ornament!! This little racoon is perfect for Kaya, photo props, and nature hikes for your dolls. 

The fawn is a small stuffed animal from a thrift store. Let me know what you thought.