Friday, November 27, 2015

Review: Disney Limited Edition Frozen Fever Anna Doll

Anna relaxing on a nice fall day looking at the clouds.

Anna in The box.

Anna out of her box.
Our certificate of authenticity, we got 1555 out of 5000.
Art work on the back of Anna's box.
Description on the back of Anna's box.
Beautiful Anna finally out of the box!! Anna has articulation at the hands, knees, ankles, and arms, so you can pose her any way you want!!
A look at Anna's gorgeously detailed dress!!
Anna came with red string attached to a clock tower from the scavenger hunt for her birthday in Disney's short film Frozen Fever.
Anna has rooted eyelashes, freckles, and pretty blue eyes. Isn't Anna's face so sweet?
Anna has beautiful rooted hair, Anna also has shiny copper metallic threads in her hair.
Anna has a golden sunflower with little gems, and three strands of ribbon in her hair.
An overview of Anna's beautiful dress.
Anna's top is not attached to her skirt, so you can take off her top.
Anna's vest has beautifully embroidered tulips and lots of little gems throughout the entire vest.
The back of Anna's vest has two little embroidered bees, sunflower and tulips, and more gems.
Anna's top is a light yellow with a sunflower brooch on the collar and the bodice is black with a couple of gems and some small embroidered details.
Anna has actual real pockets on the top of her skirt with three embroidered leafs at the top of each pocket.
A look at the details on Anna's skirt and you will notice above the sunflowers are two friendly little bees.
A closer look at the beautiful embroidered sunflowers and little tulips.
Anna came with green tights that can come off and black flats.
Anna enjoying the sunset. What do think of Anna? Please follow and comment down below and tell us what you think!!