Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Review: Disney Limited Edition Frozen Fever Elsa Doll

Elsa in her beautiful box.

Elsa out of the box.

Our certificate of authenticity, we got 392 out of 5000.
Art work on the back of Elsa's box.

The description on the back of Elsa's box.

Beautiful Elsa finally out of the box, it was really hard to get her out!! Elsa has articulation at the hands, knees, and arms, so you can pose her any way you want!!

Elsa comes with a piece of red string. The red string is from the scavenger hunt  for Anna's birthday in Disney's short film Frozen Fever.

Elsa has rooted eyelashes and pretty blue eyes. Isn't her face just gorgeous?

A view of Elsa's long rooted hair, Elsa also has light gold metallic threads in her hair.

Elsa has a light purple flower filled with gems on the left side of her head.

Her braid has three fuchsia colored flowers sewn in her hair with gems in the middle of each flower.

An overview of Elsa's gorgeously detailed dress.

The top of Elsa's dress has pink embroidered flowers, green embroidered leafs, and lots of beautiful gems.  
Back of Elsa's dress.

Elsa's beautiful long cape.

Elsa's cape is covered with embroidered and glittery flowers, with tons of gems.
The train of Elsa's dress has gems in  almost every flower. 

Elsa's dress has a slit, but we left it attached. I think the slit in this gown is not really necessary.

Love these shoes!! These shoes are hard shiny plastic. 
Sisters Anna and Elsa taking a walk together. 💙🌻 Make sure to go and check out my review on Anna here. 😊