Sunday, November 15, 2015

Review: Our Generation Afternoon Tea outfit

Our Generation Afternoon Tea outfit in the packaging.

Sweet Ivy is modeling this Our Generation fashion!! Ivy looks super cute in this outfit.This outfit is perfect for the fall season for all you fall lovers out there. Fall is my favorite season!!!

This adorable sweater is dark yellow and it has hearts all over the sweater. The sweater's two buttons can unbutton. The white shirt has a nice collar and spots all over it. The shirt is not attached to the sweater, so you can mix and match this outfit with several other different outfits. 

The skirt is a black and white tweed.

This outfit also came with dark yellow tights and shiny black shoes. Unfortunately my puppy chewed one of the shoes, so I took the boots from Julie's Calico dress. Honestly I was upset when my puppy chewed the shoe, but I just love Julie's boots with this outfit!!!

This cute purse that came with this outfit is a nice aqua color the top of the purse is black and the middle is white. The purse opens and closes with velcro. 
I give this outfit five out of five, I adore the tweed skirt!! Hope you all enjoyed this review!! Happy Fall!!! ;)