Monday, November 2, 2015

Disney Mini Animator Rapunzel review

Mini Animator Rapunzel set out of the case.
Adorable mini Rapunzel she stands 5 inches high and her knees are bendable so she can sit easier.

Rapunzel comes with this sparkling purple dress that you see her wearing as a toddler in the Tangled movie.The dress has cute lace trim on the collar, a pink bow,and a white ribbon going across her waist. Rapunzel doesn't come with any shoes.
 Rapunzel as a toddler in the Tangled movie in the same dress as mini Animator Rapunzel.

Rapunzel's long, thick,and beautiful hair down.

Front view of Rapunzel with her hair down.

This set comes with an art easel which can be broken down and two pictures of art that are interchangeable. This set also comes with a pallet and a paintbrush that Rapunzel can hold.

Rapunzel also comes with her two sparkling animal buddies, Maximus and Pascal. Love Pascal's big eyes!!

Everything fits nicely back in the case.
Bigger Rapunzel holding mini Rapunzel. They are both so cute!! That's it for this review hope you liked it.