Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Disney Mini Animator Anna review

Mini Animator Anna set in the case.

Mini Anna's set out of the case.

Adorable mini Anna stands 5 inches high and her knees are bendable so she can sit easier.

Anna's sparkling dress has cute little flowers on the bottom of her dress. Anna's little black shoes can come off, but no socks. Her legs are painted yellow which is a disappointment that she didn't come with yellow tights.

Mini Anna's dress is based off of this dress that toddler Anna was wearing in Disney's movie Frozen.

A back view of Anna's mini pigtails.

Here are the biggest items in mini Anna's set, Sven and a little sled. Isn't little Sven adorable with his little sled!!

Little fuzzy Sven can even open his mouth to eat carrots!!!

The plastic rope can detach from Sven and the sled. The little plastic sled has four little wheels on the bottom so Sven can actually pull the sled.

Mini Anna's set also comes with two trolls,carrots,brush, and Anna's sparkly doll.

Everything fits in the case, but it's a very tight fit because Sven is a little big. You just have to rearrange everything a little bit to make everything fit.

Are they cute or What?

We are reunited at last sisters forever!!

Now Anna and Elsa can play together with all the other mini Animators.