Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Candy Trouble part 2 an American Girl and Mini Animators Tale

 As they bumped along the road Rapunzel felt guilty about taking all of Jess' candy, but then again she couldn't wait to eat all of those treats. Rapunzel pushed aside her guilty feelings as she thought about eating all of those wonderful goodies. 

As Rapunzel was thinking about the candy, Belle grabbed the blanket that was in the wagon and started to pull it over the bucket of treats. "What are you doing Belle?" inquired Rapunzel.

"Putting the blanket over the candy," replied Belle. "Why?" asked Rapunzel. "Because I don't want anyone to take the candy." Belle answered. "This candy is for us and us only!!" Belle exclaimed.

Belle walked over to the edge of the wagon and put her hand out to block the blinding sun. "Snow White can you please take us to my house?" Belle asked. "Sure thing Belle." replied Snow White.

Snow White pulled up in front of Belle's house and got off of Argos. Snow White jumped up into the wagon and asked "What's under the blanket?" "Oh just something Jess gave me and Rapunzel." Belle replied.

Belle,Rapunzel,and Snow White dragged the pail out of the wagon and started to push it towards Belle's house. As Snow White pushed the pail along the road she started to wonder why Belle wasn't telling her what was in the pail. Snow White pushed aside her curiosity and told herself Belle would never do anything bad and what's in the pail might be nothing bad at all. 
As Snow White was lost in her thoughts, a few forest animals curiously hopped out to take a look at what the three girls were pushing along the road. A little blue bird hopped onto the pail and chirped looking at us with interest.  
Suddenly the cute little blue bird began to peck on the blanket attempting to make a hole to get through the blanket. Belle threw her arms in the air and shouted,"Get off the cand... I mean the bucket!!"

All the animals scurried away, scared from Belle's shouting. Snow White put her small hand on Belle's shoulder and said"Belle calm down, the little bird was probably just curious." "We should probably go inside your house, it's getting late and cold outside." said Snow White wrapping her cloak a little closer. "Your right, lets go inside."said Belle.
To be continued...