Saturday, November 28, 2015

Our Generation Diner Redo

"Our Generation Diner Repainted",which inspired us to repaint our diner. We did it a little different than her video.
The diner after being repainted using American Girl Idea's video 
If you have any questions please ask. :)

Here is how the diner looked before.

The booths repainted look so cute!! Love the colors from the repaint better than the original color of the diner.

Everyone loves the repainted diner!!

Maryellen is behind the counter taking orders.

Looks like Belle is going to get into something she shouldn't!!

Jasmine is having a soda and hanging out with Rapunzel.

Rapunzel sharing her shake with mini Rapunzel.
Anna having a smoothie, talking, and hanging out with Tauriel said, "I don't know what to get Elsa for Christmas. She out did herself for my birthday, and  I just don't know what to get her!!"Anna exclaimed.

Tauriel having lunch, and intently listening to Anna.

"Maryellen do you know where Belle is?" Jasmine asked. "I brought her to the diner and she disappeared!"

"No I don't know where Belle is Jasmine." Maryellen replied. Do any of you see where Belle is? Let us know in the comments if you know where Belle is and tell us what you think of the repainted diner.


  1. Naughty Belle! She's right behind Maryellen's head. :P The repainted diner looks nice. :)

    1. Thanks Catlover02, sometimes Belle can be naughty!! :D I'm glad you like the diner!! :)

  2. Wonderful! What type of Paint did you use?

    1. Thank you Quin ley. This is the list of paints I used: White - Rust-Oleum Universal Advance Formula, Blue Ocean Breeze gloss - Krylon, Ballet Slipper(pink)gloss - Krylon, Metalic Silver - Krylon, Black - Testors Model paint,**** Please note this.... for the two counter stools the Krylon spray paint does not dry so do not use it on those seats. I used Acrylic Paint Delta Creative in Hydrangea Pink and then used clear nail polish over it to make it shiny or you can use a gloss.**** Thank you for asking. You need help with this project and it does take several days but the results are beautiful. If you need more ideas for different colors on diner decor go here copy the link and place in your browser.

  3. Normally I would say she is in the library but that sweet little girl needd some sweet treats from time to time, right? :)