Saturday, February 6, 2016

*In Store Report* American Girl Place The Grove Los Angeles Featuring Girl of the Year 2016 Lea Clark

Display window in front of the store.

Some closeups inside the front window display

Tell us what you think of this display window down below in the comments.

Last photo of the closeups from the front window display.

Lea's Rain Forest House

Love how real the food looks!!

Lea's Fruit Stand

Closeup of what is inside Lea's fruit stand.

Lea's Hiking Outfit

Love the plants!!

Lea's collection

It's really neat how AG put artificial plants to decorate Lea's space.

Cute photos of Lea.

Lea's Pajamas

Lea's beach collection

Lea's Beach Accessories

Lea's Mix and Match Swim Set

Lea's Exclusive Collection

Another section for Lea with girl sized dresses and bags.

Lea's Bahia Outfit

New Limited Edition 2016 BeForever Mini Kit doll.

New Limited Edition 2016 BeForever Mini Josefina doll.

New Limited Edition 2016 BeForever Mini Maryellen doll.

New Limited Edition 2016 BeForever Mini Rebecca doll.

New Limited Edition 2016 BeForever Mini Addy doll.

All of the
New Limited Edition 2016 BeForever Minis together.

Julie's bed and vanity

Julie's egg chair

Julie and her bike

Kaya's tepee

Samantha's travel coat and art set.

Samantha's bike

Samantha's cart

AG outfits for girls

Kit's Birthday Table

Kit's birthday treats

Kit's School Desk

Josefina's bed

Addy's bed

Maryellen's Diner

The super cute Red Hearts Ruffle outfit for dolls!!

The new Coconut

A few things are on sale including this Bitty Baby Sugar and Spice Outfit.


  1. The displays are amazing and creative, i love them! Also your pictures were really good. I absolutely love Lea Clark!

    1. Thank you Tiff, I love the displays also they are all very nature like and colorful.

  2. Beautiful photos! I LOVE LEA CLARK! She is so cute!